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What is EFT?

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, sometimes referred to as tapping, and is a set of effective evidence-based processes that can help just about anyone to achieve genuine freedom from the emotions that have created problems in their lives. These techniques have been described by some as one of the most important breakthroughs in the area of psychology in this century.

Over the last 30 years EFT has been used successfully with thousands of people with a broad range of difficulties. EFT is a relatively brief intervention that can dramatically relieve emotional disturbances along with many physical symptoms, with lasting results. EFT is versatile and has been used confidently by thousands of therapists and millions of individuals around the globe with success even on the most difficult cases.

The Origins of EFT

EFT has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western psychology, and bridges the wisdom of both traditons. Founder Gary Craig studies meridian based healing with psychologist Dr Roger Callahan in 1991, and simplified and transformed Callahan's remarkable procedures into the Emotional Freedom Techniques. Generously he made these techniques freely available online to the world for healing purposes.

Over time Craig's techniques have been refined and updated into professional training programs developed for those who want to use EFT in a professional capacity to ensure they are used safely and effectively. Over the last 35 years a growing body of scientific evidence has developed supporting the ancedotal evidence of EFT's healing potential from millions of users worldwide.

Can EFT Help Me?

Emotional Freedom Techniques have been used to successfully relieve:

  • Fears related to performance like public speaking, concentration, sports, etc.
  • Phobias like the fear of heights, flying, enclosed spaces, driving, etc.
  • Emotional trauma from war experiences, physical abuse, etc.
  • Disturbing emotions like depression and anger
  • Emotions related to addictive patterns like eating and smoking
  • Insomnia
  • Emotions related to physical conditions
  • Performance - Artistic, Sports, Academic, Business, Social...
  • and many other problems

By comparison to almost any other process, EFT is quite gentle and rarely has any side effects. It is often used instead of other procedures, because of its gentle nature.

Understanding How EFT Works

EFT is considered a cognitive-somatic process, because it combines using our mind (by focusing on our problem) and our body (through tapping on sensitive points). Even though EFT is fundamentally a simple process to use, it is effective for many reasons including

  • The tapping component of EFT produces a relaxation response while you think about your problem, so it becomes impossible to stay bothered by it
  • Focusing on the problem while tapping down-regulates the amygdala alarm response and reduces cortisol levels. This moves us out of a fight/flight response and improves blood flow to the frontal regions of the brain, improving our ability to think logically and creatively about the problem and come up with useful solutions.
  • Some problems are just too big to deal with all at once. EFT helps us ‘chunk down’ the problem into bite sized pieces so we can deal with it bit by bit
  • Focusing on the problem highlights the associated disruption in our energy system. Tapping smooths the flow of energy through our meridians clearing the disruptions, bring the mind/body back into a state of balance.
  • Tapping interrupts and breaks down your usual way of responding to a problem making space for new healthier responses.
  • EFT helps you love and accept yourself by allowing you to review your experiences with curiosity and compassion. This allows you the learn from the past and move on to a wiser, better future.

When it is out of balance, our emotional life could be compared to a car that is in desperate need of a tune up. The result may take the form of any type of emotional disturbance including phobias, anger, depression, grief, guilt, anxiety, and a full range of fears, to name a few. There may also be physical symptoms like pain, headaches, asthma and tension that are related to the emotions. EFT tunes up your energy system for smoother running, bringing mental, emotional and physical relief. Typically, the result is lasting and the person's awareness usually changes in a positive way as a natural result of the healing.

Isn't EFT Just Placebo or Distraction?

The placebo effects require some belief in the process and this is rarely the case for newcomers to EFT. You don't have to believe tapping will work to experience it's many benefits. Thus it works just as well on babies and animals as it does on adults.

Although EFT may appear to be distracting, it will not work if the client is, in fact, distracted. That is why the client continually repeats a phrase which "tunes in" to and refers to the problem continually while tapping.

Many people attempt to distract themselves from distress and pain using addictive behaviours like binging or smoking without every overcoming their underlying problem. That's part of the reason why they have to continue these behaviours - because the problem is still there. With EFT once you have applied the procedures, the problem is no longer there and you can move on.

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