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June 26, 2019

Therapeutic Presence

Establishing A Solid Foundation

It’s common knowledge that to be more successful with clients you need to be present with them, but what does that really mean and how do you prepare as a healing practitioner or any kind to become more present?

Being present involves your ability to be a compassionate witness to your client’s experiences, creating an environment for exploring these experiences and the meaning that has been given to them, and who they are with and without these experiences, while maintaining safety for both.

I have found comparing the steps to prepare to take someone abseiling a useful metaphor for preparing to be present in any healing growthful encounter. Before you take someone abseiling, you need to get yourself ready away from the client and away from their issue to be addressed:

  1. Put on your helmet – as a practitioner you need to get your head straight by having a deep intellectual understanding and effective practical skills in your chosen modalities, be aware of the limits of your skills and credentials, understand how to set safe boundaries and create a safe environment for your client relationships, and what to do if there is an emergency or if you need to refer someone on. A firm grasp of these steps means you can approach a client encounter with a calm and focused mind.
  2. Put your boots on – means you need to be thoroughly grounded in yourself by having good self-care skills, continuing to do your own work so you are less likely to be triggered by client’s issues, and be able to maintain a grounded observer perspective and high coherent vibrational field whatever your clients state. A firm grasp of these steps means you have a stable personal basis from which to approach a client encounter.
  3. Anchor yourself – practitioners need to establish their own safety tethers through developing a regular honest and enquiring mentoring / supervision relationship, engaging in continuous professional development so they stay fresh in their approach, understanding the law as it applies to their practice and have a firm understanding and commitment to maintaining an ethical practice through a professional code of conduct. A firm grasp of these steps means you are continually fresh and supported as you approach a client encounter.

With these protections in place, you are set to maximise your ability to offer a useful healing and growthful opportunity to your clients. When you have a firm grasp of the intellectual understanding and practical skills, are engaged in appropriate self-care and have a secure legal ethical and mentoring base, there is a firm foundation to maintain a spiritual or vibrational presence on. All these steps need to be setup prior to engaging with clients to ensure you can manage them safely. Without that foundation, it is too easy to be distracted by these kinds of concerns and fail to provide the sure connection for your client.

Understanding Presence:
A Psychodynamic Experience
27 July Northcote, Auckland
9:30am - 3:30pm

Explore the practial skills and psychoneurological theory of establishing your therapeutic presence in a healing relationhip, and enabling your client to be more present in their own lives

Liz Hart

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