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Post Pandemic Challenges

Healthy leaders and employees are more productive, happier, have higher energy levels and take fewer sick days. Recent changes to the Health and Safety Workplace Act (HSWA) has shifted the focus from monitoring and recording health and safety incidents to proactively identifying and managing risks so everyone is safe and healthy. The pandemic has brought unprecedented uncertainty and changes impacting every aspect of life, requiring businesses to implement effective wellbeing plans.

Rewire Advantage

Rewiring your business for the new normal requires your whole team to function at their best. Our evidence-based programs are designed to

  • rapidly bring stress under control
  • reduced absenteeism with improve immune function
  • provide skills for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing
  • improve mood, mindset and comunication
  • optimise brain function
  • increase productivity
  • elevate your bottom line

Utilizing our unique blend of skills and experience, we can provide the following coaching support and workshop training options:

Leadership Coaching

If the pandemic has disrupted your business and you’re having some difficulty facing major challenges, you need some targeted evidence-based strategies with fast proven success records to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Being at the helm of a business right now is highly challenging, requiring high levels of adaptability, endurance and skill. Perhaps you are facing financial issues, employee issues, a drop in clients or restrictions in how you can work during the pandemic recovery phase, and as the leader the weight of that responsibility lies with you. If you are struggling with

  • Managing your moods
  • Sleep
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Relationships at work or home
  • Decision making
  • Pain and tension

then some tailored one-to-one coaching will help. During sessions you will receive both support and skills to build your resilience and strengthen your self-care capacity, and tools to improve how you manage stress and challenges.

During coaching we will assess and address your priority needs:

  • Learn how to stabilize and lift your mood
  • Relax and sleep more easily
  • Reduce inner tension draining your energy
  • Overcome distractions and procrastination for better focus
  • Improve interpersonal skills and resolve conflict with others
  • Gain clarity around decisions and take action
  • Relieve the pain and tension associated with stress

Coaching can be delivered online or in person (North Shore, Auckland) and will be 6 hours over eight weeks to fit your schedule @ $995

Further packages can be purchased as required to meet all your employees wellbeing needs. Contact us now to help them give you their best..

Employee 1-1 Coaching

Return to work will look different for everyone. At this time personal pressures can impact majorly on the workplace, and changing teams and roles can lead to increased conflict and stress. Targeted evidence based one to one coaching for struggling employees can be the quickest way to support staff with the self-management skills they need to put their best foot forward at work and be productive.

Issues we might address include:

  • Covid anxiety
  • Adapting to changes at work – staff, roles, processes etc
  • Financial pressures
  • Managing health challenges
  • Skills to build resilience and improve performance

During the coaching sessions your employee will learn

  • Effective evidence-based stress management techniques
  • How to improve their resilience
  • Targeted support to resolve issues impacting their work and wellbeing

Coaching will be 3 hours over 4 weeks to fit with their schedule @ $495 and can be delivered online or in person (North Shore, Auckland). Further packages can be added as required. Contact us now and get your team working well.

Challenge & Growth Workshops

We recognise that every business is unique and has its own challenges and growth edge. Following consultation, we will tailor a workshop program to meet your needs.

In workshops we may

  • Teach effective skills to reduce harmful stress and promote improved engagement and performance
  • Improve immune system resilience to reduce absenteeism due to ill health
  • Improve communication skills across the team
  • Creatively challenge thinking around specified topics
  • Engage the team in active problem solving
  • Work together to identify new opportunities
  • Enhance customer experience through innovative service
  • Explore leadership in a post-pandemic workplace
  • Re-vision roles and workplace relationships
  • Address redundancies and employment negotiations
  • Explore new market, service and product ideas
  • Identify potential cost saving opportunities for a leaner operation

All workshops are delivered in an inclusive, interactive and dynamic solutions-focused process. We create opportunities to explore your current paradigm, develop new internal and intrapersonal resources for greater wellbeing and resiliency, and forge new insights to enhance business success. Workshop facilitators bring together their experience and skills in psychology, law, health, business and facilitation to provide a broad base of knowledge to support your team to success.

Services can be offered in house, online or off site, when and how it suits the business by negotiation. Pricing varies depending upon length, location, number of participants, and the number of team members involved in delivery. Minimum fee is $1000 for a customised two-hour small group workshop delivered online. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and customised program to fulfil your training needs.

Our Experience

We have provided training and coaching to the following businesses and organisations:

Airways, Icebreaker, Imagetext, Auckland Transport, Ryman Healthcare,  Massey University, YES Disability, Vietnam Airways, The Cookie Project, East Coast Bays Community Centre, Auckland University, Breast Cancer Foundation, MYOB, Allied Medical, OKE,  Auckland Council, PAWS, Inland Revenue, Cure Our Ovarian Cancer, Auckland Business Chamber, DIA, Agile Auckland, Tech for Good, Mite 10, Global Health Clinics, Jezzmedia and Young Enterprise amongst others.

Our training and coaching has included

  • Health and wellbeing strategies and plans for individuals, groups and businesses
  • Critical incident debriefing: Overcoming trauma in the workplace
  • Stress management for leaders and teams
  • Resilience for recovery
  • Grief and loss in the workplace
  • Inclusiveness: Disability, Sexual Orientation, Culture and Language, Mental Health, Lifestyle
  • Cultural awareness in business - teams and customers; multicultural considerations Redefining workplace relationships - interpersonal communication skills

Experience counts, and our diverse background and education provides us with a unique skillset to support you, your team and your business to greater success.

Regional Business Partnership Network Co-Funding Opportunity

The Regional Business Partnership Network (RBPN) has may be able to offer your business part funding for development through it's Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Funding is available to RBPN Customers who have been through a Discover Session with a RBP Growth Advisor and have had management capability areas identified as a barrier to the growth of the business AND the business meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • be operating with 50 or fewer FTEs
  • be GST registered in New Zealand
  • be operating in a commercial environment – i.e. currently trading
  • be privately owned or a Maori Trust or Incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 or similar organisation managing Maori assets under multiple ownership
  • have undergone Discovery Session with a Regional Business Partner Growth Advisor

The program is administrated via the RBPN website - check your eligibility here: www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz

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