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March 19, 2019

Reducing your stress in just 10 minutes a day

Ten Minutes a day…

to reduce your stress load and improve your health, happiness and peace of mind!

What if you could spend just 10 minutes a day for the next 6 weeks and give yourself the best Easter present ever? I am confident your life would change as you clear past events, eliminate your current stress reactions and defuse future worries. You’d change “energetically” wouldn't you?  Your life would become more interesting, creative, happier, calmer, all for just 10 minutes a day!

So why do some people find this so difficult to do?

Most of us say that we want to change, but the truth is, while our conscious mind thrives on new and interesting input, the normal tendency of our subconscious mind is to maintain sameness and this creates a challenging dilemma for us! There are so many subconscious blocks to changing that may be interfering with making a commitment as simple as just 10 minutes a day. Understanding the blocks in this context may provide you with deep insight into blocks happening in other areas of your life too. 

So far you've probably had some positive experiences with tapping (most do!) so you know it works for you (at least sometimes), and yet you forget to tap on a regular basis, or save it for extreme situations that might never have arisen if you’d done the regular daily tapping. Most people have a powerful psychological reason for choosing not to tap regularly: 

  • I don’t have the time doing the tapping every day… 10 minutes is a huge commitment to making life easier every day isn't it? is your health and wellbeing worth dedicating a whole 10 minutes a day to?  
  • It may upset the balance at home / work if I change…It very well might cause some changes in how you get along, often for the better. Your calmer more peaceful way will enable you to respond more empathetically to others reactions and help you navigate the changing relationship dynamics 
  • I'm afraid it might work… we’re all a bit afraid of changing and what it means if it works, how things will change. How will we change? I won’t know myself with all the changes… It can feel a bit strange to find yourself feeling, thinking and behaving spontaneously in new ways & the great news is this is so tappable!
  • Other might expect too much of me – what I if can’t live up to it…Tapping helps you become more responsible for your own experiences and you can allow others the space to take responsibility for their own expectations. That’s their business!
  • What if I can’t maintain the changes…That’s just more information that there are some aspects or parts of the problem you still have to address with tapping. All good and useful feedback!  When you eliminate the reasons you were keeping the old behaviour, the new behaviour is maintained automatically and naturally by the new energetic patterns inside of you- effortless 
  • I'm scared of what I might find if I tap by myself…then consult a certified EFT practitioner for guidance. We all need a helping hand from time to time and an experienced practitioner will know how to help you past this fear and how to approach the problem safely with you.
  • I don’t know enough to get it right… the great thing about tapping is that usually the worst thing that happens if you don’t do it right is … absolutely nothing! No change. Learning to get it right is easy. There are some key things you need to understand to begin getting consistent results with tapping and you can easily learn these at one of my  workshops. 

Did any of these reasons resonate with you?

Great, because now you have some new information about what’s holding you back in life and you can focus your tapping on that. You may not want to get into the deep issues, or deal with the big stuff by yourself and that can be a wise idea for beginners. 

Small steps to get started…

Tapping on simple daily stress issues is however within the capabilities of many of you and can make great changes in your day to day experiences. 

  • Tap on annoying emails clogging up your inbox
  • Tap on traffic, being held up, queuing at the bank or store etc
  • Tap on irritation with the children (or co-workers!) – noisy, whining, fighting, etc
  • Tap before difficult phone calls, appointments or meetings
  • Tap on insomnia, tight muscles, clenched jaws and stress headaches
  • Tap on food & cigarette cravings and other negative self soothing habits 

Still not sure what to tap on?

It can be challenging to read the above statements and uncover your blocks, so complete the sentences below to help you uncover what may be blocking you from tapping on a daily basis:

  • The worst thing that would happen if I were to be less stressed is…
  • It would be “unsafe for me to feel more calm and centred because…
  • Without the drama in my life the problem would be…
  • If I wasn't so caught up in being stressed the bigger problem I’d have to face is…
  • The thing I'm most scared about letting go of all this daily stress is… 

Take the challenge & change your energy by being inspired to take care of yourself with daily tapping. 

Liz Hart

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