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January 25, 2019

Personal Peace Procedure

Do you consistently experience inner conflict as you go about your life? Typically we carry around the accumulated stresses and conflicts from our whole life, and these can be a burden that stops us experiencing life as we wish to.

Would it be worth spending a few minutes a day removing these stresses and conflicts? If a few minutes seems like too big a commitment, just stop and consider how long you spend each day going round and round debating with yourself over issues, berating yourself for past mistakes, making the same mistakes over and over…

I bet it’s a lot more than a few minutes a day! So how do you want to spend your time? Going over the same ground getting more and more frustrated with yourself, or letting it go? The personal peace procedure is the cornerstone to transforming your life with EFT. It breaks things down into manageable bite sized pieces, so you can begin to make progress towards your goals.

Begin by making a written list of all the negative experiences you remember or have been told about that happened to you before you went to school, even if you don’t have much emotion about them for now. Now make a list for the primary school years, then the high school years and so on, through your life till the present day. If you haven’t got at least 50 events on your lists, think harder!

Once you have the beginnings of your lists, select one event every day (starting with the preschool ones) and tap it out using the movie or story technique. A great place I found to do this was in the bath each evening – cleaning inner and outer!

Most people experience significant improvements in their happiness and wellbeing if they follow this procedure over a 3 month period. Remember world peace begins with peaceful hearts, so let’s start today.

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."  Thomas Edison

Liz Hart

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