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Everyone these days has heard about meditation, and perhaps you are wondering if it is right for you? What I want you to know is that there are lots of different kinds of meditation, and they have different effects depending upon the kind of alterations to you brain wave patterns they create. Just like cheese, some are strong and some are mild, and some are an acquired taste!

Mindfulness has become a popular buzz word and can be a fabulous tool for lots of people, and for some (particularly those with trauma) it can stir things up in unexpected ways. Some meditations techniques have religious or philosophical histories and that can cause some people concern too.

Having completed my Masters degree studying meditation, I have a good grasp of the core principles and can guide you into a variety of meditations to suit your purposes. And when practiced alongside EFT and/or TRE can be even more powerful.

You may also be interested in attending a Mandala of Being workshop or a Developing Presence workshop to explore these topics in depth.

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