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May 21, 2019

Introducing EFT to Others

Participants Enjoying an EFT Workshop

Let’s face it, even though we know it works, EFT’s a peculiar-looking process!

I’ve found the easiest way is to introduce EFT is to reference something they are familiar with and build a connection to some aspect of EFT. Give a little information and invite their curiosity to flourish, so they naturally want more, ask more, and become open to experimenting and experiencing EFT for themselves. Once they have had an experience of EFT, most people will make more sense of any explanations.

Over time I have found the following introductory explanations work for different people:

  1. EFT produces a relaxation response while you think about your problem, so it becomes impossible to stay bothered by it
  2. Some problems are just too big to deal with all at once. EFT helps us ‘chunk down’ the problem into bite sized pieces so we can deal with it bit by bit
  3. Focusing on the problem while tapping down-regulates the amygdala alarm response and reduces cortisol levels. This moves us out of a fight/flight response and improves blood flow to the frontal regions of the brain, improving our ability to think logically and creatively about the problem and come up with useful solutions.
  4. Focusing on the problem highlights the associated disruption in our energy system. Tapping smooths the flow of energy through our meridians clearing the disruptions, bring the mind/body back into a state of balance.
  5. Have you ever noticed how people automatically hold their foreheads, face or chest when experiencing strong emotions? We all do it without thinking, as a natural response. We’ve found that tapping on these natural calming places on your body while focusing on your problem helps you feel better faster.
  6. Have you noticed when a problem comes up suddenly and overwhelms you, you tend to react before thinking? You might take off or getting angry, or maybe just collapse under the stress and give up. EFT helps you to be more present and process what’s happened, and as the overwhelm subsides, you can begin to think more clearly and make more useful choices about how to respond.
  7. Tapping interrupts and breaks down your usual way of responding to a problem making space for new healthier responses.
  8. EFT acknowledges your truth about your experience, helping you relax and accept it even if you don’t want or like the truth. The systematic acknowledgement, acceptance and relaxation allows you to safely process your experience and move on freely.
  9. EFT helps you face the un-faceable bit by bit, building your courage, confidence and self-esteem along the way.
  10. EFT helps you connect with your inner wisdom and solve your own problems.
  11. EFT helps you love and accept yourself by allowing you to review your experiences with curiosity and compassion. This allows you the learn from the past and move on to a wiser, better future.

Have you found a great explanation that works? I’d love to hear it.

Liz Hart

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