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EFT Professional Training

The Structure of EFT Training, Certification & AAMET Accreditation


This EFT training program is divided into three levels. Each Level includes a workshop and a home study program. 
How you study and what level of participation you undertake depends upon your intended uses and professional needs.

Why would I need Practitioner Training - isn't EFT supposed to be easy?
Sometimes people get confused by the publicity that EFT is easy to learn and use, and so assume they can learn everything they need to know from an online tutorial, a book, or just a weekend workshop. For simple everyday self help this may be enough. It's like the first rung on the ladder of EFT. However if you are seeking to work professionally with others, you will have to climb a lot higher and it is a riskier business, you may face some significant and deep rooted issues, which require skilful handling that can't be gained quickly. It takes lots of practice and guidance and that's my focus in providing this training for you. Would you trust your biggest hardest problem to someone who had only undertaken some brief training to avoid the work and expense of professional training?

If you intend to work with others, there are some significant differences in how the techniques learnt at Level 1 are used, as well as a range of new variations that will greatly increase your ability to monitor and manage your clients intensity and resolution. Your increased confidence and deep knowing will make a significant impact on your clients outcomes and your professional success.

Without these practitioner skills you may put your clients at risk and they are unlikely to gain the full benefits from their work with you. You may also put yourself at risk under OSH provisions and under the Consumers Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act.

Level 1 for Beginners - Workshop and On-line Tutorial
Level 1 starts with a two day workshop, covering the core self help skills and the theory behind EFT. It's purpose is to teach you how to use EFT effectively for yourself, and the self-care skills you will share with  your clients. Upon completion of the workshop you will receive a certificate of attendance more...
Following the workshop, you will have the opportunity to take a free online tutorial to reinforce your learning. Completion of this tutorial is a requirement for entry to Level 2.

Level 2 Practitioner Workshop
Upon completion of the beginners workshop and the online tutorial, ​you can undertake the four day Level 2 workshop. This focuses on the core skills you need to use EFT effectively with others and provide a safe environment for you and your clients. At the end of the workshop you will be issued a certificate of attendance, which is not a practising certificate more...

Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Workshop
When you have completed Level 2 certification, or if you have substantial experience as a practitioner at this Level, 
you can attend the three day Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Workshop, which focuses on the Art of Delivery. It introduces refinements and creative usages of EFT, that allow you to individualise your approach with clients even more effectively. At the end of the workshop you will be issued a certificate of attendance, which is not a practising certificate more...

What these workshops won't teach you
These workshops will not teach you how to be a counsellor or how to run a business, though both topics are touched upon.  People from a wide variety of backgrounds take these workshops for diverse purposes; if you don't have prior training in one of the helping professions, you may want to undertake some training in that area as well. Similarly, if you intend to start a consultation service and you don't have experience in running a business, you may want to seek guidance in that area.

Certification and AAMET Accreditation
Following the Level 2 and 3 workshops you will be offered the opportunity to continue your training towards certification and accreditation. Certification is something offered by me personally based upon the training I offer; International Accreditation is offered by AAMET upon my recommendation and upon the completion of examinations more on AAMET...

For certification at Level 2, you will undertake

  • ​a minimum of 50 hours supervised practice (usually unpaid, but discuss with me depending on your situation)
  • engage in further study as directed (depending on individual need and interest),
  • complete a minimum of four in depth case studies
  • meet regularly with me (in person or by phone or Skype) for support and mentoring. This helps maintain both your safety and efficient learning and your clients safety. This process takes between 6-18 months depending on the student.

For AAMET accreditation, once you have successfully completed certification, you will need to become a student member of AAMET, undertake both an online multi-choice exam and a 1 hour practical evaluation session with me. Once these tests are passed, you will be invited to join AAMET as an Accredited Practitioner. 

Certification and Accreditation at Level 3 is a similar process, though at this time you will usually be receiving payment for consultations based on your Level 2 accreditation. 

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