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EFT Professional Training

The Structure of EFT Training, Certification & EFT International Accreditation

This EFT training program is divided into three levels. Each Level includes a workshop and a home study program.

How you study and what level of participation you undertake depends upon your intended uses and professional needs.

Level 1 for Beginners - Workshop $425

Level 1 starts with a two day workshop, covering the core self help skills and the theory behind EFT. It's purpose is to teach you how to use EFT effectively for yourself, and the self-care skills you will share with  your clients.

Even if you have used EFT for a while, you'll probably find you will pick up some useful refinements and extensions of the knowledge you have gleaned so far from the internet, books and videos. in this responsive and interactive workshop, I use a range of teaching tools from my educational and training background to meet your learning needs, including plenty of time to ask questions, group discussions and hands on practice

Experience counts! EFT training is my core business and with 19 years as an EFT Practitioner and Trainer, and 38 years in the personal development field, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to create the best learning outcomes. I've taught EFT to thousands of people and provide detailed workshop notes for you to take home. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Core theory of EFT, so it all makes sense
  • 5 ways to tap, depending on the situation & emotional intensity
  • What to say for best results
  • A range of ways to test your results
  • How to work with events and issues
  • Great questions to get clearer and go deeper into experiences
  • Strategies for overwhelm, high intensity, no intensity and vagueness
  • How to work with anxiety, physical issues, cravings and distressing memories
  • What to do when it appears EFT isn’t working for you
  • Strategies for using EFT at home
  • Keeping yourself and other safe 

Upon completion of the workshop you will receive a certificate of attendance indicating you are eligible to attend the Level 2 practitioner training.

Level 2 Practitioner Workshop $880 - $1000

This Level 2 Preparing for Excellence Practitioner workshop focuses on the interpersonal EFT skills and strategies you need to use EFT effectively with others and provide a safe environment for you and your clients. this duel approach to honing both the tools and the practitioner ensures optimal outcomes and results for clients.

During the workshop we will investigate and explore these topics in a variety of ways:

  • Keeping yourself and your client safe
  • How to build & maintain a positive therapeutic alliance with clients
  • How to manage client emotional intensity
  • 5 more EFT strategies for high and low emotional intensity
  • Strategies for working with trauma, anxiety, health issues, phobias, weight and body image problems and smoking
  • Identifying and exploring the core issue(s) behind the presenting problem
  • Mapping out & time-lining a problem
  • Processes for identifying and changing unhelpful beliefs
  • More advanced theory behind EFT
  • Introduction to reframing
  • Exploring other popular tapping techniques- energy toning, choices, positive tapping
  • Using EFT over the phone or online
  • Strategies for working with groups

At the end of the workshop you will be issued a certificate of attendance. To gain professional certification and accreditation, participants need to complete Level 2 Mentoring Program, a 6-9 month mentorng program which includes:

  • attending 4 group mentoring sessions (minimum)
  • attending 2 practice days
  • completing 45 written 1 page session reports (minimum)
  • 3 written case studies (minimum)
  • online multi-choice evaluation
  • live practical skills evaluation

The cost of the full Level 2 mentoring program is $1,200 - $1500 Earlybird and Payment Plan options are available for this program.

Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Workshop $850 - $950

This workshop focuses on the Art of Delivery. It introduces refinements and creative usages of EFT, that allow you to individualise your approach with clients even more effectively. Alongside the technical excellence developed at Level 2, there is a beauty and a flow that occurs as you are present and authentic with your client, seamlessly blending the many elements into a synergistic wholeness that carries a client towards their goals. Restful, energizing, playful, authentic, spontaneous - this is where the art lives.

Topics covered in the Level 3 workshop include

  • Languaging and questioning skills
  • Sabotage
  • Working with parts
  • Advanced skills workign with health issues
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Recognising and responding safely to suicideal ideation
  • Advanced reframing
  • Introduction to provocative therapy
  • Recognisig and working with Trauma
  • Sexual Trauma
  • TapArt

For accreditation purposes, this Level 3 training needs to be a minimum of 12 months after your Level 2 workshop. If you haven't attended a Level 2 workshop in recent years you are encouraged to repeat Level 2 first to refresh your core knowledge, so you get the  most out of this training.

At the end of the workshop you will be issued a certificate of attendance. To gain professional certification and accreditation, participants need to complete a 6-9 month mentoring program which includes:

  • attending 4 group mentoring sessions (minimum)
  • completing 50 hours of practice (minimum)
  • 3 multi-session written case studies (minimum)
  • other study as directed
  • online multi-choice evaluation
  • live practical skills evaluation

The cost of the Level 3 mentoring program is $1,200

Why would I need Practitioner Training - isn't EFT supposed to be easy?
Sometimes people are confused by the publicity that EFT is easy to learn and use, and so assume they can learn everything they need to know as a professional from an online tutorial, a book, or a brief workshop. For simple everyday self-help this may be enough to take the edge off the discomfort and resolve simple issues. It's like the first rung on the ladder.

However, if you are seeking to work professionally with others, you will have to climb a lot higher up the ladder of EFT skills to safely handle traumatic, chronic and deep-rooted issues, which require skilful handling with a full set of EFT tools. It takes lots of practice and guidance and that's my focus in providing this training for you. Anyone can drive an automatic car in a straight line in an empty carpark, but that doesn’t mean they are ready to drive in rush hour big city traffic!

If you intend to work with others, there are some significant differences in how the techniques learnt at Level 1 are used, as well as a range of new strategies that will greatly increase your ability to monitor and manage your client’s intensity and enable then towards full resolution and life-changing cognitive shifts. The advanced skills literally allow you to rewire the brain and fundamentally change their automatic responses. Your increased confidence and deep knowing from full training will make a significant impact on your client’s outcomes and your professional success.

What these workshops won't teach you
These workshops will not teach you how to be a counsellor, how to run a business or your legal obligations as a business owner, though these topics are touched upon.  People from a wide variety of backgrounds take these workshops for diverse purposes; if you don't have prior training in one of the helping professions, you may want to undertake some training in that area as well. Similarly, if you intend to start a consultation service and you don't have experience in running a business, you may want to seek guidance in that area.

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