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EFT Training Events 2020

Level 1: 31 Oct - 1 Nov

Level 1&2: Nov 13-17 Level 2 : Nov 14-17

Level 3: Oct 16 - 18

EFT Level 1 Practitioner Workshop

Over this two-day foundational skills workshop you will learn how to help yourself and others struggling with emotional stress (and related health and relationship issues) how to feel more peaceful, focused and effective in your own life. You will learn the theory and application of EFT, and how to bring clarity about why your clients are struggling with the issues in their life. The processes taught have been clinically researched and you will have the opportunity to review that research.

Anyone can learn the tapping points online, and there is a lot more to tapping than that! You will learn how to discover and release the underlying causes of problems, so your clients become freer to enjoy life more. We'll have lots of time to practice tapping together and for you to have your own personal discovery moments, as you experience first hand the impact EFT can have.

Level 1 & 2 EFT Practitioner Workshop

This combined program incorporates a the curriculum from the Level 1 workshop with a 4-day Level 2 practitioner workshop and is designed to give you both the theoretical understanding of EFT and the practical hands on skill to be effective in working with others. Students may attend the full five day program  if they are new to EFT training, or the four day Level 2 only program if they have already completed a Level 1 workshop in the previous 12 months.

Students are required to review the Level 1 workshop if it has been longer than 12 months, and can do so at a discounted rate (email me liz@lizhart.com). I'm deeply committed to assisting students to becoming highly effective practitioners so both they and their clients reach the successful outcomes they desire. 

EFT Level 2 Mentoring Program

Students who have atttended a Level 2 workshop may apply for the Level 2 mentoring program to complete the requirements for EFT International Accreditation. During this 6-9 month program, participants will successfully complete at a minimum

  • Attend 2 live skills training days (distance students may attend via zoom)
  • Attend 6 online 90 minute small group mentoring sessions
  • Complete 45 brief 1 page written session reports
  • Complete 3 extended case studies
  • Other brief presentations and assessments as requested
  • Undergo 1 practical skills evaluation with trainer

To complete their requirements students will also complete a written online assessment with EFT International (fees paid directly to EFT International).

Mentoring Program Fees:

  • Earlybird (by closing of earlybird workshop ticketing): $1200
  • General (2 weeks following Level 2 workshop closing): $1500
  • Payment Plan: $310/month for 5 months (incl. $10 admin/mth)
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