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EFT Practitioner Mentoring

For many practitioners in private practice, it can be lonely and even a bit overwhelming doing all on their own. I know – I’ve been doing this a long time and have lots of experience getting through it. That’s why I’m passionate about providing quality training and mentoring services for others, because we deserve that!

Small Group Practitioner Mentoring

Warm, accepting and inclusive, this online practitioner mentoring group is open to all certified EFT practitioners seeking support, learning, insight and skills to further their own development, their work with clients and their business. Meeting online approximately every 6 weeks, this is an ideal way to meet your EFT International Mentoring commitments, while staying in touch with the EFT Community.

2021 Practitioner Mentoring Schedule on Wednesdays 7-8:30pm NZT

February 18; April 7; May 26; June 30; August 11; September 22; October 27; December 8

Single session $65NZD

Annual Mentoring Subscription $440NZD – attend all sessions to stay focused and maintain best practice, and save $80NZD

Private EFT Practitioner Mentoring

This is the best option when you have a specific complex challenge you wish to discuss, or have a significant client case load which requires more attention than the group setting can provide. This allows me to give you my full attention so you get what you need. Sessions are typically online, but may be face-to-face as circumstances allow.

Single session $145NZD For urgent or more complex matters

Six one-hour sessions in 2021 $750NZD Prioritize your self-care and professional development with this option for best results and save $120NZD

Combination Mentoring Package

Four group mentoring sessions PLUS three individual mentoring sessions $600NZD Mix it up for the best of both options and save $95NZD

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