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March 4, 2019

EFT for Pain

Do you still have pain or discomfort from an old injury?

We all experience pain and injuries from time to time. Tapping can help us quickly and easily relieve the discomfort and emotional impact it may caused us. Even when the injury occurred a long time ago, and there's "medical evidence" for why you are in pain, tapping can still bring surprising results.

I first discovered this when a minor accident left me crippled and unable to walk more than a few steps without great pain. I was recommended that I have a double spinal fusion, with the prospect of more spinal fusions every few years to support my unstable spine. I wasn't thrilled with that prospect and so while on the wait list for surgery, I began tapping on every aspect I could think of that might possibly be involved.

After several months of daily tapping I came across something which gave me a major "Aha", and within 24 hours I was able to walk normally again without the pain. The surgeons could not understand why I was able to walk again given that I was missing bits of my vertebrae and nothing had changed on the x-rays.  Some 8 years later I am still well and able to horse ride, walk, kayak etc without pain.

Not everyone will have the same results, but I have seen this often enough I highly recommend you give it a go. What have you to loose except your pain and limitations?

I recommend you try the following steps in order until you gain the relief you need:

  1. Tap on the physical symptoms as specifically as you can – location, sensation, metaphor if applicable eg “This sharp red hot needle burning into my left thumb.
  2. Tap on the emotions the pain brings up in you – “I’m being ridiculous for making such a fuss about a sore thumb!
  3. Tap on the story about how the pain originated – “Hitting myself with the hammer… I deserve it for being such a klutz.”
  4. If the injury had a sudden onset, look at what happened in your life in the 48 hours prior to the injury for a possible emotional origin.
  5. If the pain is chronic and has had a more gradual onset, look at what happened in your life 12-18 months prior to the onset for a possible emotional origin.
  6. Tap on the dark side – your positive reasons for not getting over it (all that lovely sympathy!) and your negative reasons for holding onto it (someone else will do the job for me). With chronic pain there is almost always an unconscious  psychological reason for maintaining the pain. 

Usually you’ll find the discomfort and emotions will recede with some careful attention to details. More serious injuries and illnesses can have many aspects and origins, and in this case you might want to seek some professional guidance to explore these thoroughly.

EFT is not a substitute for appropriate medical care:Never delay seeking medical care for pain even if using EFT.

Liz Hart

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