021 147 0543
Auckland, New Zealand


See me in Auckland or Online by Zoom

Liz has a way of seeing right to the heart of a matter. She gently leads you into an exploration of your situation. When you are too caught up in your experience to see what's really going on, you can count on Liz to tease out the essence of the issue with you, drawing out an inner wisdom you might not even know you have. Following a session with Liz you will leave feeling clearer, more competent and with a deeper sense of knowing about yourself.

With 20 years experience as an EFT practitioner and 35 years experience in health and wellbeing services, Liz has the expertise to help you.

Most consultations occur online via zoom or some other similar platform.


Contact Liz for a free confidential phone conversation regarding your situation and explore if I am the right person for you to work with.  

New Client Pack: $330

These two introductory sessions allow us to get to know each other, for us to gain some insight into the issue you are here for help with, and to learn some useful skills to continue using at home.

Single 55-minute sessions $145

These can be purchased after your new client process, if only a brief intervention is required. They are also suitable for returning clients as a planning session.

Power Pack $1200 (save $250)

This discounted package is for those who want to commit to working with me intensively over a short period of time towards their goals. Through a series of structured sessions you will develop the skills and mindset to go forward more confidently in life, making choices more easily that support your deepest desires. This will allow you to go beyond "just getting over it" - it's an opportunity to see yourself and life in an entirely new light, with a host of new possibilities. If your goals are achieved and there are unused sessions, they will be refunded. (10 x 55-minute sessions over 3 months)

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