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Expand Your Possibilities

Free your emotions, prime your mind, and access inner resources

Safe Guidance & Sure Results

Liz specializes in helping people move beyond stressed reactions into their personal power to make better decisions and make the most of their natural talents. With insight and compassion, she helps you develop resilience to face life’s challenges with the skills and self-belief you need. Liz enables you to experience greater freedom, grace and ease in your body and enjoy a more positive outlook with greater psychological and emotional stability. Her students enjoy the same high level of attention and support as they develop their skills to provide a high level of service for their clients.

Freedom is calling – are you ready?
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Invest in Yourself

How much is your stress and suffering costing you? People frequently underestimate the cost to their health and wellbeing, as well as their productivity and relationships. Liz will help you to quickly reduce your stress levels and develop the skills you need to maintain a healthier lifestyle, boost your performance at work and have more fun in life. Time spent with Liz will have a positive lifelong impact – it just makes sense.

Liz has a way of seeing right to the heart of a matter


She gently leads you into an exploration of your situation. When you are too caught up in your experience to see what's really going on, you can count on Liz to tease out the essence of the issue with you, drawing out an inner wisdom you might not even know you have. Following a session with Liz you will leave feeling clearer, more competent and with a deeper sense of knowing about yourself.

Internationally Accredited EFT Practitioner Training

Professional Training

Quality training is an investment that will pay ongoing dividends over the term of your career. When you invest your time, energy and money in developing a thorough understanding of all aspects EFT, you can go forward confidently providing exceptional services with outstanding results.

Workshops and coaching to learn business skills

Corporate Training

Liz offers a range of workshops and coaching to help businesses improve leadership and management, staff productivity, communication skills, and team resilience. For pre-launch information, contact Liz directly.

"I was extremely impressed with Liz's ability to get to the crux of my main problem within minutes, and to successfully go through the steps needed to eliminate it.
I unreservedly recommend Liz for all emotional problems."


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